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The work started in 2006 when GGT entered the field of international trade in Turkey. First, GGT began to export only petrochemicals and some of the country's products to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, and Ukraine. Now After a decade we gather a group of competent suppliers in Iran and the Middle East in the field of petrochemical raw products, providing for factories all over Europe and the U.S. GGT skilled experts and consultants have offered the best services for our customers and gaining their satisfaction as much as possible, and this has resulted in delivering the customer orders in the shortest time, lowest cost and the highest quality.

At GGT, we not only provide raw materials for factories, but also the presence of skilled experts and sales partners made us supply parts and machinery for factories, and become one of the suppliers of the highest quality parts and machinery in various fields including petrochemical, mining and other items, to minimize the concern of our producers regarding the production of the best products and raw materials.

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We pay attention to motivate and to share, to improve the salary welfare system, and actively promote the performance management system, let employees Shared with enterprise operating results, and encourage employees to the pursuit of excellence. We recommend using internal selection and outside simultaneously, poly talents. Through the establishment of multi-channel professional channel, developing talent, retain talent.

At GGT PETROCHEMICAL we believe that people are the foundation of our competitive edge. We are always looking for smart, talented and energetic people to join our team.To enquire about employment opportunities, please contact:

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